A note on the sustainability of our packaging.

We have invested in the best insulated packaging and components in order to maintain the cold chain while delivering our products to you.

Corrugated Mailer Box

Made from a combination of virgin and recycled material, our corrugated shipper box can be placed in your regular recycling. Die-cut corrugated boxes are one of the most sustainable packaging options because there is no glue or tape required to assemble them, just a strip of tape is needed to keep the lid closed in shipping.

Insulation Walls

To ensure your package stays cold, we use thermal insulation sheets made of EPS (#6). Polystyrene is one of the most widely recycled materials, and can be added to your regular recycling. 

Ice Packs

Our ice packs are made up of refrigerant gel, contained within puncture-resistant, food-safe LDPE (#4) film. Unlike dry or regular ice, gel packs are designed to be reusable. We encourage you to pop them in your freezer and reuse whenever needed. 

Honeycomb Wrap

We use a plastic-free, fully recyclable alternative to bubble wrap, to provide cushioning around fragile products.

Gummed Paper Tape

Paper-based and recyclable, this is the most sustainable form of tape available for corrugated boxes. Our paper tape uses a water-activated adhesive that creates a strong bond with corrugated boxes. The tape can be left on the box when recycling.

Thermal Label

The waybill sticker on your package is used for tracking and fulfilment by our courier. The label can be left on the box when recycling.



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